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    I downloaded Music Mate today in hopes of downloading my purchased Google Music songs from the "cloud" so that I can store it on my phone's SD card and have it available to my preferred music player, currently BlackPlayer EX. And now I don't have a clue what to do.

    I assumed that Music Mate would just show the songs that I had purchased, but it shows all kinds of songs and artists and etc., none of which are in my Cloud storage. With a search by name in this list I found a song that I had purchased, now what? I checked the box next to it. It shows a nice green check mark, but does nothing, there are no options to do anything with it, nothing that says download, no context menu.

    Very frustrating. Am I wrong about what this program is supposed to do, is it just another music player?

    Please help.

    09-07-2017 03:16 PM
  2. OakIris's Avatar
    Never mind, I feel like a bit of a fool. Apparently this app is so slick that all you have to do is select the song/album and it automatically sends it to your music library with no input from the user and no sign from the app that it has done a darn thing - that last is a bit disconcerting. That is the only explanation I have since the songs I had wanted from the Google cloud miraculously showed up in my BlackPlayer music library.

    It really would be nice if the app gave some indication that the download had been successful, but at least now I know how it behaves, and it apparently worked flawlessly. :-)

    09-07-2017 09:41 PM
  3. storelyckan3's Avatar
    Google Music and Mate
    I have 156 songs on a playlist. Downloaded all night but a lot of songs left to go. Can only get 5-7 kB/s over WiFi in the app (eg the phone can handle 300 Mb/s). Is it the encryption how takes time? I use it to forward it over to my Samsung Gear S3 watch for offline listening.

    Can use Spotify but Spotifys offline mode on GS3 is buggy so cancel the premium subscribe on Spotify an use Mate and Google Musik instead.
    07-16-2018 02:44 AM

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