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    Crime Suspect is a collection of 4 different stories to find the reasons for the crimes happening in the City. Can you find all the Hidden Objects and solve the challenging puzzles? Be the most anxious detective in the crime unit & solve the unsolvable Murder cases. Crime suspects is a puzzle and hidden objects game where the player has to find the evidence then goes and find who is a criminal. You are the adventurous Detective for the crime suspects and you must find the serial killer

    Crime Suspects - Tough Investigation Cases-1.png

    *crime suspects game is solving criminal cases in different cities.
    *Are you ready to prove your detective skills?
    *Investigate crime suspects in corrupted cities.
    *Examine clues and analyze samples to look for evidence
    *Interrogate the witnesses and suspects
    *Catch the killer and bring in front of justice
    *Investigate all new crime case scenes.
    *Exercise your brain to find more hidden objects faster
    *New murder case detective game include at all levels.

    Crime Suspects - Tough Investigation Cases-2.png

    Investigate crime scenes for clues, bring the suspects in for questioning and analyze evidence to catch the killers. There are a lot of criminal cases needed to be solved and to arrest the criminal. Now it is your responsibility to give the justice to the family who lost their members, go and start to find the real victims!

    Crime Suspects - Tough Investigation Cases-3.png

    MAKE YOUR CHOICE: And live with it! Throughout your investigations, you’ll face several moral decisions that will have a meaningful impact on the characters and the stories.

    Crime Suspects - Tough Investigation Cases-4.png

    1. 4 Different Categories and realistic stories
    2. 68 Levels and all the levels are unlocked
    3. You can play any levels no restrictions
    4. Best-filled graphics and animation
    5. Simple UI but interesting game play
    6. Various locations of great attractions
    7. Hints help to find the hidden objects.

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