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    Does anyone know of an Android contact manager that completely replaces the stupid one that comes with your phone and that lets you assign any name you wish to every device? For example I have a contact with two land lines. I'd like to call one "Upstairs" and the other one "Downstairs". Instead I am faced with the insanely stupid set of choices like "Mobile", "Home", "Work", "Other", etc. that don't even represent a rational, consistent set of concepts. I've read many online reviews of contact managers and not one of them has ever addressed this core issue (but they spend much time discussing what color themes you can select). It would also be helpful if I could assign other sets of independent attributes to each device, such as "Mobile" vs. "Landline" for phones and "Work" vs. "Personal" for all devices (including email), and it'd be nice if I could edit those lists as well. Thanks much.
    09-23-2017 12:42 PM

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