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    Finally on android one of the best windows apps for the shopping list

    Easy Shopping allows you to create your shopping list in an easy and simple way, and more importantly with Easy Shopping you can list your items in the right order.
    -Automatic sorting of the products according to your point of sale (configurable)
    -Import \ Export of products to excel to easily modify the list of products with a computer
    -Initial Database of 300 products
    -Automatic sharing of list with another user who uses Easy Shopping
    -Sharing of the list as plain text via email, whatsapp, sms etc

    Easy Shopping - Shopping List-screenshot_1507555603.pngEasy Shopping - Shopping List-screenshot_1501157551.pngEasy Shopping - Shopping List-screenshot_1507555599.pngEasy Shopping - Shopping List-screenshot_1507555507.pngEasy Shopping - Shopping List-screenshot_1507557294.png

    With Easy Shopping, you can manage the products order and you can configure each store by indicating the order in which the different product categories are arranged (first there is fruits, then vegetables, then salami ...)
    When you add products to the shopping list, they are automatically ordered in your list accordingly to the way you find them in the store. Have you ever been in the middle of your shopping and remembered you forgot a product that was at right at the store’s entrance? It won't happen again! You will not even need to check and recheck the list to see if you took everything or if you forgot something, Easy Shopping does it for you.

    you can download from here:
    10-10-2017 05:21 AM
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    Thanks for sharing
    10-10-2017 06:30 AM

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