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    A fun and informative lifetime calculator. How many days do you have left...when will the Reaper come a knockin? Calculate your Life Expectancy with Reaper Keeper. Then, go back into your stored data, and see how making positive changes to your fitness, education, diet and habits can extend your lifetime. You will be surprised at how significant slight changes effect your outcome. If youre healthy, and want to see how something like diabetes or heart disease might effect your life, tell Reaper Keeper that you have it and view the results. Doctors always tell us to lose weight, exercise, stop smoking...Reaper Keeper can show you how significant those changes might be.
    Since the subject of this app is your longevity, we Included a Bucket List to help you make goals and really LIVE the rest of your life! Its fun and includes some humorous details. Great app for sharing with friends and family and comparing HOW LONG EACH OF YOU WILL LIVE!
    05-13-2011 09:04 AM