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    Why so many accounts are hacked so easily every day and even by people that aren't very skilled hackers?

    Often many widely used services are attacked by hackers that stole their whole databases, the leaked data may include sensitive data and password that could be shared in P2P networks or darkmarkets of the deepweb where even people without great computer skills can buy them.

    Compromised data are a big risk for the data of users.

    The purpose of this App is to check if your account is associated with known data leaks and monitor it if new breaches are discovered, allowing you to take appropriate actions to protect your data with specific suggestions generated by the App according the detected problems.

    In addition the App has a section where you can read news about hacking, cyber attacks and stolen data.

    [APP] [FREE] Hacked Leaks Checker-screenshot_2.png
    [APP] [FREE] Hacked Leaks Checker-screenshot_3.png
    [APP] [FREE] Hacked Leaks Checker-screenshot_4.png

    The App is very small (less than 2 MB) and extremely useful to prevent confidential data theft. If you think that is useless just think that many celebrities could have seen that their Snapchat's passwords have been compromised before their very private photos stolen and shared in the web, and They could have avoided that, simply fixing their accounts.
    [APP] [FREE] Hacked Leaks Checker-snow.png

    Google Play Link
    10-11-2017 07:08 AM
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    I'll try it, nice effort
    10-11-2017 05:54 PM

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