1. mayconvert's Avatar
    I ask this question because I was reading the article about the new Microsoft launcher. posted earlier today.
    In the comments area, Jerry said:

    "A quick look through the permissions tells me this is just a data mine in preparation for an eventual Skype tie-in.
    No Thanks."

    I feel like I understand tech pretty well. I am sure many of the people on a site like this also feels the same way. I looked at permissions on this launcher and I didn't see anything the seemed 'out of the ordinary'. I would have installed this app in a heart beat not thinking it was a "data miner"...
    It's MICROSOFT. a company that nearly every single one of us use Daily. Who wouldn't trust Microsoft more than a launcher made by Teslacoil software? Who is teslacoil? I have never in my life heard of teslacoil outside a SINGLE app. What makes this 'never heard of company' More trustworthy than Microsoft? Do you know for a FACT that teslacoil isn't selling your info to anyone? How is teslacoil protecting Your info? Are they protecting it better than MS?

    ( I know, spare me, not everyone "trusts" MS with anything...blah blah blah, as you log into your windows machine....)

    My point being, Why in the world would your tell your non techie 70 year mom and dad or any non tech savvy friend to buy android? Wouldn't it make more sense to tell them to use Apple/iOS, that does more to protect the non techie?
    And doesn't google exist because it IS a data mining company? what makes google more special than Microsoft? I saw Jerry also say (not a quote but something along the lines of...) 'because I just google with all my info' ... well of course you are going to say that. Your JOB depends on it.

    Back on point. when tech savvy people can't tell it's a "data mining launcher" how in the heck to you expect your dad 'who really liked his Windows phone' to NOT download this "data miner"? what if dad decides he's going to store his passwords and manage his bank accounts via android apps because 'it's easier' than going to the computer to do it?
    Basically, going by what Jerry said, Android Really shouldn't be used by anyone but a PRO Level techie that can tell what is going to data mine and what isn't...
    (btw, I have seen Jerry call out other apps as pure data mining software, not just this One launcher)
    Was just wondering ....
    10-12-2017 12:11 AM
  2. Tim1954's Avatar
    Indeed... They are all data mining. You want to stay anonymous, get a dumb phone. No email, no accounts online...
    It's a matter of degrees...
    I have Adguard to guard me from other bad guys.. But for all I know, their vpn could be logging all I do.. You have to trust somebody I guess...
    10-12-2017 12:31 AM
  3. SMH17Group's Avatar
    By default you cannot install at all Apps from sources different than Google Play so also the non-techie people aren't more protected with an iOS device. For 70 year old non-techie makes much more sense a standard old feature phone than an overpriced limited smartphone.
    About privacy concerns... all big companies collect data of the users for statistic purposes: Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft collect all a lot of user data for a lot of purposes, your assumption that bigger companies are more respectful of the user data statistics is very wrong. And certainly Teslacoil software has way less interest in collect user data than companies like Apple that have a lot of divisions and links with advertising multinationals.
    10-12-2017 06:28 AM

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