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    Now, obviously, I am one of several Android owners that wish to be able to play RuneScape Classic on Android device. If you were to preform a Google search, you would find a large amount of posts and topics about this. I hope to put and end to searching right now.

    There are three methods of doing this, and unfortunately, none of them are very efficient. To be honest, playing a desktop game on a smartphone (with the exception of some lightweight flash games in a browser) just don't work well.

    VNC: The first option is to leave your home computer running while connected to the internet and use a VNC server (something like TeamViewer).

    Cloud: The second option is a cloud-computing service, like AlwaysOnPC, which works great on Android (but is a little expensive). This is the method I use currently.

    OS Sideload: The third method is to load Ubuntu Linux onto your device, which may or may not be possible depending on which device you have (As for me, I am still attempting this)

    I will say it again, none of these methods are efficient, but they do work.

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