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    Circle - Locking Horns Games is the best collection of Fantasy based Horror escape games with interesting 50 levels from ENA Game Studio and released by HFG Hidden Fun Games. All these free escape games include, the famous room escapes, best rescues, fantasy background, archaeological mysteries, horror and even the best room escapes so on.

    Fantasy Room Escape - Mysterious Of Circle World-11.jpg

    The main story of this Circle game the Soul Extractor is malfunctioned, so the path that creates to take out the souls from earth to other dimension is destroyed. The souls that remained on the Earth are becoming evils. A dispute between the Gods of creation and protection as who is superior, creator thought to Create something to imprison the evils and prove that he is superior.

    Fantasy Room Escape - Mysterious Of Circle World-12.jpg

    To imprison the evils a pure life has been created but the creator needs the help of God of protection to continue the process. Evils change the pure life of a demon. The creator and protector jobs end here, someone should take care of destruction part. God of destruction appears and to save the world he decided to destroy the demon. Again The God of Creation Started the process to Imprison the evils.

    Fantasy Room Escape - Mysterious Of Circle World-13.jpg

    Attractive Game plays (More than 20 hours)
    Mixed Variety in Locations.
    Amazing visuals in 2D Graphics.
    More than 100 Daring Puzzles.
    Highly efficient Game in Low Memory usage.
    Complete achievement challenges and earn rewards.
    Earn bonus rewards by solving mini-game puzzles
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