1. TucsonDave's Avatar
    For the past few days when I get in my Ford Focus with SYNC I get the above message. The Bluetooth does automatically connect but does anyone know why I'm getting that message? I've got a 128gb Pixel XL running Oreo 8.0.
    11-30-2017 04:27 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Are you running Pandora on your Pixel? (Open the recently used apps and, if it's there, swipe it to close it.)

    If not, it's a problem with the Focus' radio - see if the Ford dealer's service department has any service bulletins for it.
    11-30-2017 05:08 PM
  3. TucsonDave's Avatar
    I do use Pandora often in the car but it seems like a recent update may have prompted getting these notifications. I just don't it activated by the car and killing my battery if I I'm not using it.
    11-30-2017 06:20 PM
  4. Michael Schenk1's Avatar
    I have the same exact problem with my VW Jetta, my Subaru Impreza, and my Bose Bluetooth speaker.
    Running Nexus 5X with Android 8.0.0.
    From my experience, even when Pandora is not running, my phone thinks it is when I am connected to another device via Bluetooth. Those are my only Bluetooth items. I do have Pandora installed, but not running in those instances. I believe this started when I updated my software to the current version.
    01-18-2018 07:42 PM

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