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    I am setting up a new phone. I used Helium to do some app backups. I stored the resultant folders in Google Drive.

    I followed the idea to backup a dummy app first and confirmed it was copied to the Carbon folder.

    I copied two of the backup folders to the carbon folder on my new phone using Astro file manager. I can see the backup folder I copied in the folder.

    In helium Restore and Sync on my new phone I see the dummy app for restoration and the 2nd copied folder app. The app I really want to restore data for is not showing.

    Also, I restored the 2nd app, Yr.No weather app, and none of my previous locations are showing


    • Open the backup directory and check you have the *.ab file
    • Run Helium on your computer and connect phone
    • Open a command line, go to directory of backup (say in google drive) and type "adb restore your.file.ab"
    12-11-2017 06:26 AM

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