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    Line 98 mobile is game brain to get ideas from the classic game line98 (colour line) on the windows 98 operating system on the PC. Simple but interesting lines 98 has attracted a large number of players.
    Your task in line98 mobile games is to rank at least 5 balls of the same color in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines to score points.

    You are quite familiar with the classic line 98 game of the famous windows operating system from the 1920s with other classic games such as mine detection, diamond, gold digging. Line 98 was invented by a Russian deverloper in 1976, line98, which is called color lines.

    In the year 2000, when it came to the majority of computers using win 98. Line 98 attached to childhood is one of the most favorite games when touching the computer with wide screen. Games not only appeal to children but also popular in offices, offices.

    How to play:

    Game line 98 latest version in 2018 has quite simple rules.

    A 9x9 panel carapace
    It consists of balls of 6 different colors such as pink, red, blue, green, yellow, purple scattered in different positions.
    Balls are smaller and will replace if they are not replaced one after the other.
    Initially, the number of balls will be less dispersed.
    The task of the player is to arrange them by touching and moving to another location. When balls of the same color (at least 5 balls) align them together into a line, they will explode and score points.

    Line98, also called color line, is an intellectual game that is very familiar to all ages.

    Salient features:

    Photos, sound effects. How to play the original original lines 98 on PC
    Easily share high scores with friends and also invite your friends to play the same score challenge.
    Ball moves faster and can control the speed.
    Gameplay can be addictive for you.

    Enjoy the game line 98. You remember the game rate to have a better experience in the next update.
    Linkdow :https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...oa.inc.lines98
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