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    Has anyone used the PAID version of PlayerPro? I bought this app for $5 as it seemed to be the best music player out there that had a built in 10 band EQ and bass boost ect. I looked at all the free ones and I couldn't find one like it with the DPS plugin. Just curious if you guys have any personal favs that include those features free or paid. Thanks!

    Installed on Inspire 4G.
    05-21-2011 09:11 PM
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    Power amp. Very similar features, same price. It has been the top paid media player for a while now.

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    05-21-2011 09:21 PM
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    Power Amp seems nice, it has a very clean UI, nut the EQ doesn't appear to have alot of customization options other then the presets, unless I missed something, plus it didn't seem to find as many album covers. It's definitely a sweet looking player. I may play with the trial of that a little longer to see how well it compares with PlayerPro. Thanks for sharing that one as it's truly a close second to PlayerPro!
    05-21-2011 09:35 PM
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    In power amp, just tap and hold the sliders displayed in the equalizer to customize your equilizer.

    I do agree power amp has limited album artwork effectivity.

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    05-21-2011 11:07 PM

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