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  • Countdown Widget

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  • Days Left Widget

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  • Final Countdown (I think its a widget, but not 100% sure)

    1 50.00%
  1. bonybynatur2003's Avatar
    Whats your favorite countdown timer? I searched in the marketplace and found 3. They all have the same rating and I think they all do the same thing, but honestly Im coming from BB and the Droid lingo is still mumbo jumbo to me. I really just want a countdown app to tell me how long till hubby comes home from deployment, but I dont want to try out a bunch of different ones. So a poll is the easiest way.
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    05-22-2011 09:10 PM
  2. bonybynatur2003's Avatar
    Only 1 vote so far. Does anybody have a DIFFERENT app/widget they would recommended or is this it?
    05-24-2011 09:35 AM
  3. BSG75's Avatar
    This is cool. I was going to make one for my wife (she's a teacher) but I just directed her to "Final Countdown" instead. I have three other apps that are already taking up my time.
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    05-24-2011 10:13 AM