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    I have a Xiaomi Redmi 3s with 2 sims - my main GiffGaff sim, and my Kyivstar sim which I only turn on for 1-2 weeks a year when I go on holiday.

    When I inserted the Ukrainian sim, Sim Tool Kit appeared on my phone, not a problem, it just opened this screen - http://i263.photobucket.com/albums/ii154/blitzdoodles/simtoolkitscreenshot_zpseqyratab.png
    whenever I restarted my phone, but I just closed it down and then it was easy to ignore the rest of the time.

    In the past few weeks this screen has started popping up a lot more often. It's not a battery drain, and I know some people say it's a useful app to have (I only know basic Ukrainian so can't even read half of what it says, and when the sim it's associated with isn't even turned on, it's not much use to me), but the constant popping up is really starting to get in the way. Most times I turn on my screen now it's there (I just had to get rid of 7 identical screens before I could even see my homescreen). I was browsing on my phone yesterday and was getting interrupted by the screen every minute. I can't delete it, disable it and there appear to be no permissions that I can change. I'm sure the app isn't meant to behave like this but as it just turned up on my phone and isn't something that shows in the play store, I have no idea how to contact anyone who is involved with the app.

    Does anyone know of a way I can stop it opening itself up?
    02-12-2018 11:48 AM

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