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    When I clear my app’s data, or uninstall, or both, it’s retaining some data.

    Two variations of the problem.
    1. On my Samsung Galaxy S8, I cleared data and changed settings. I then cleared both data and cache, uninstalled, and reinstalled. When I started it back up, it should have asked me for initial settings. It could instead have mistakenly started with the settings it had had before the uninstall. Instead of doing either, it incomprehensibly started with the settings it had had two rounds of data clearing ago.
    2. A client with a Pixel XL is having a similar problem. No matter how many times they clear cache, clear data, and uninstall, their previous data won’t go away.

    I tried to reproduce the problem on a different Pixel XL, and it didn't happen.

    If clearing the app’s data doesn’t remove the app’s data, what do I need to do to remove it?
    02-19-2018 06:17 PM

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