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    Hello everyone,

    As a member of the FidMe Team, I would like to thank all the Android community for all the downloads, but also for feedbacks, which help us to improve FidMe and make it convenient for each user.

    If you still dont know FidMe, the principle is simple : gather all your loyalty on your mobile phone. You just have to scan or enter the barcode/customer number, FidMe will recreate this barcode (or display the customer number) so you could show it at the checkout. If you want to lighten your portfolio or if you forget your loyalty cards all the time, youll certainly love FidMe !

    FidMe is totally FREE and WITHOUT ADS, indeed, were doing all that we can to make this app more and more comfortable for users.

    A new version of FidMe will be available soon (2.1.0 version) with some fixed bugs and new features.

    If you notice problems, bugs or missing cards, do not hesitate to warn us!

    If you want further information : FidMe : all your loyalty cards on your mobile !
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    05-25-2011 07:48 AM
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    FidMe : New version !
    All your loyalty cards gathered on your mobile !


    FidMe allows you to save all your loyalty cards on your mobile, using the camera as a scanner. Then, simply show your mobile in store for checkout, and voil !

    To satisfy the growing community of FidMe users with their needs, FidMe changes its look and launches today its new version (2.1), still FREE and WITH NO ADS for iPhone and Android (and still v2.0 for Samsung Bada, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phone and Java) !


    By popular demand, several features have been developed:

    FidMe changes its look and becomes customizable,
    Alphabetical cards sorting has been improved,
    All barcode types are compatible,
    Discount cards are now accepted,
    FidMe is available in Spanish (besides French and English) !

    And many other improvements and optimizations !


    Launched in december 2010
    More than 400 000 users !
    More than 1300 loyalty cards for 20 countries
    More than 1 500 000 dematerialized loyalty cards :That is 6 tons of plastic (an elephant) saved !
    High ranked on Appstores France, Belgium and Luxembourg from launching
    In the favourites of Ovi Store Nokia, Windows Market Place and Samsung Apps
    07-18-2011 03:51 AM
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    Hello everybody !

    The FidMe application is currently changing its look !

    The FidMe team is proud to show you the new website dedicated to the application : fidme.com !

    Don't hesitate to send us your feedbacks !
    08-08-2011 09:07 AM
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    Hello everybody,

    As a member of the FidMe Team, i would like to show you the latest update of the application FidMe. If you still don’t know it, this app lets you gather all your loyalty cards in your mobile !

    It's finally here! Thanks to the thousands of feedback messages, criticisms, and suggestions sent by nearly one million users, FidMe changes and brings you:

    ✔ New skins to customize your FidMe app!
    ✔ Simple and advanced geolocation of shops and brands!
    Sign-up for new loyalty cards by simply looking around you! Find cool new stores!
    ✔ Manage your account on the web at FidMe.com (store managers and shoppers)
    View all your cards, create new ones, and customize them! Store managers; create your mobile loyalty card!
    ✔ A higher level of security (username and password required at launch)
    ✔ Scan the FidMe codes of your favorite stores to get your cards stamped!
    ✔ Never miss a good deal again with FidMe notifications!
    ✔ Check-ins, stamps, sponsoring…hundreds of ways to earn FidMe points!
    ✔ Enrich the FidMe community by suggesting loyalty cards for your favorite local shops!
    ✔ Smart links with the official loyalty applications of your favorite brands!

    And with all this, FidMe remains FREE and WITHOUT ADS!

    Don’t hesitate to go on Android Market to download this new version.

    Hundreds of new shops sign-up with FidMe every week!
    Everything you need to know is in your app or on fidme.com !

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    Your feedback helps us get better, email us at support@fidme.com about FidMe 3!

    Thank you,
    FidMe team!

    12-21-2011 10:08 AM
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    Hello everybody,

    As you may know I am in charge of FidMe community management. FidMe is a totally free app and we just released new version! Free and no ad (hard to do but we still keep it that way) both for users and shops, FidMe gather today over 3000 loyalty programs and thousands from shops all over the world!

    This new version has been improved thanks to your feedback and includes new features you were waiting for!

    - Connect your loyalty program directly from FidMe: live display of points balance, access to coupons, account details.
    - Passbook connexion. You can now push your coupons and local shops gifts into the Apple wallet : no longer miss any single offer!
    - An advanced notification center: select and receive offers only from the retailers you chose.
    - Simple and advanced geolocation, to find easily new retailers and shops around you.
    - Display all the stampcards for shops around you and chose the ones you prefer.
    - 4 more languages: Swedish, Finnish, Dutch and Portuguese. 14 available languages!

    Discover FidMe features in 3min video:

    and on fidme.com
    Go in your application store to download these new FidMe features!

    Dont hesitate to tell me what you think of it, and for any question, your feedback is more than welcome ! Thank you!
    11-13-2012 10:25 AM
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    Hi guys, i use airpass developed by airpim ( download from airpim - Digital outside. Human inside.). It's formidable. You have all fidelity cards on your phone, you can receive promotions, advertisement, communication by e-mail, sms and airpim platform. But the most important aspect is that you are the owner of your information; you can decide to receive/not to receive promotion..... You can update your personal details, share information, discuss. airpim - Digital outside. Human inside.
    02-27-2013 07:00 AM
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    You are always more to follow us and use the application. We approach 2 million users and we thank you !

    We are always listening to our users and we decided to meet an existing demand since a long time. In fact, a new version of the application has been published, you can now test the application without creating an account. If you open the application for the first time, it's proposed to test the application directly to discover the main features of the application, without registering. This trial is, of course, completely ad-free, but is limited to the protection of 5 loyalty cards.

    If you're not already convinced by the application in spite of the various echoes that you had, we suggest you to try it and see for yourself. We recommend to create an account later to unlock all the features FidMe (adding stamps cards, geolocation, exclusive offers, connected cards, unlimited number of cards in the app) and especially to protect your cards and your benefits in case of loss or theft of your mobile.

    Already available on Google Play, this update will be also available very quickly on Amazon Apps and Samsung Apps.

    Any feedback are welcome !

    The FidMe Team
    04-23-2013 10:11 AM

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