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    Free version now available at FishJournal - mobile android fishing app. Click here to Download Now or visit the site for more information. Look for the full version coming soon on the android market.

    FishJournal Top Features

    1) Friend Sharing: FishJournal's powerful social networking capabilities is always a touch of a button away. Friend Sharing allows you to search for your friends using the FishJournal application. Once you connect, you have access to your friend's Tacklebox Inventory and Journal Entries. No more searching through useless forums or constantly bugging your friends with text messages on the next hot spot. Just browse the sharing features and find out for yourself!

    2) Tacklebox Inventory: Always know what you own for fishing tackle. With FishJournal's tacklebox features you can have multiple tackleboxes with inventory. Detailed information of your tackle such as color, weight, size, and more. And what better way to put the power of the tackle to use by grabbing it when making a journal entry. Not sure what you want to replenish? No problem, with Tacklebox Inventory your can rate your tackle on a 5 star rating system. And use the powerful reporting features to get the information you need to make those important decisions.

    3) Journal Entries: Bring the power of FishJournal all together with this feature. Store detailed information of your fishing history and get the reports you need so you can plan your next fishing trip. Using the GPS capabilities of your phone we can take the hassle out of data entry and automatically store some important data for you, such as Location, Coordinates, and detailed Weather Information. You just add the rest by filling in the blanks for other details such as, fish caught, depth, and more. And as if we couldn't have made it any easier, you can hit a button and grab the tackle you used right from your tacklebox. You can also take a picture with your phone's camera and store it with the journal entry.

    4) Reporting: They state, "Knowledge is Power," and we couldn't agree more. The purpose of creating good data entries is so that it can do something for you. With the powerful advanced reporting capabilities of FishJournal, the ultimate fishing app for android smart phones, you can get the data when you need it. Save time, save money, and catch more fish with the reports that FishJournal brings to you. Find out what you used most last year from your tacklebox based on the 5 star rating, where did you fish last year at a given date, how well did you do, what depth, what GPS coordinate? I think you get the point!
    05-25-2011 10:29 PM