1. mikedaub's Avatar
    ok..Podcasts. I'm a bit confused on how to do this.

    I currently use Beyond Pod Pro (or unlocked, whatever it is called) and generally, everything works pretty well. Recently, I have had a problem subscribing to a new podcast, mostly because of damn iTunes, which I do not want to use.

    When I log into the podcasts website (Tiësto) and click on any of the episodes, it goes to an iTunes site (Tiësto`s Club Life Podcast - Download free podcast episodes by BNN on iTunes.). Ok, on my computer, if I wanted to infect it with the iTunes resource hog, it would just load up, subscribe, and everything would be in my iTunes.

    I only ever get my podcasts through Beyond Pod and what I can put into my Google Listen account. So, with everything on that site being tied into iTunes, how can I get that sucker into my Google Listen account and get it on my phone??

    05-26-2011 01:11 PM