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    I can't find any reference to this error and it just happened today after my HTC Droid Incredible 2 (VZW) told me I needed to upgrade my copy of DocsToGo. I paid for the full version of DocsToGo 3.0, so I did the upgrade - now running DocsToGo version 3.003 (961). And now I can't open any of my Word documents. I get this error:

    This file cannot be opened because it is an RTF file.

    If I check "Info" on the files it says they are "MS Word 97-2004" which is correct. Re-syncing the files with the desktop copies has no effect. I haven't rebooted the phone yet. I have no trouble opening any of my spreadsheets.

    I've opened a trouble ticket with DataViz, but since it's Friday and Monday is a holiday I may not hear from them for a week. I hope I don't need any of those Word files. Anyone else seen this? Any ideas? When I hear from DataViz I'll post what they say.
    05-27-2011 10:48 PM