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    I just convinced my elderly father to buy a Smartphone so he can use "Google Maps" instead of buying another costly GPS. But the damn thing is giving me trouble, and my butt's on the line for recommending it.

    He bought himself a Samsung Galaxy 6, upgraded to the latest version of Android (v8?)

    I launched Google Maps for him and he asked it for directions to a local restaurant as a test, but it misheard him and charted a path to the wrong place upon which he pressed "Start" for turn-by-turn directions.

    I tried repeatedly to get it to cancel the trip, but it refuses. I try to ask for a new destination by pressing the "microphone" icon (on the Google Maps Search line), but it ignores my press.

    Exiting/Closing Google Maps doesn't help b/c when I return, the trip is still in progress. I tried a few more times to enter a new destination and suddenly I hear a digital voice telling me to "Hold for customer assistance", but I made no call (I heard no numbers being dialed and no call screen came up) and there was no way to hang up. I had to power off the phone just to disconnect the "call" (which reminds me, the phone gets "disturbingly" hot after just 30 minutes of use. Not too hot to touch, but bothersome to hold for more than a few minutes.)

    Even powering off and restarting the phone didn't reset Google Maps! When I returned, it was STILL locked into that same damn destination! What a PIA!

    I've NEVER had a problem like this with my old LG-G3 with Android 6.0. This is ridiculous! Does anyone know WTH is going on?

    05-09-2018 05:15 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Is there an X next to the navigation instructions at the bottom of the screen? That should exit out of navigation.

    If all else fails, go to the system settings, then Apps, select Google Maps, then Storage, then Clear Cache/Clear Data.
    05-09-2018 06:07 PM
  3. Mugsy323's Avatar
    Thx for the reply. I'll have to check Dad's phone the next time I see him, though I don't recall seeing a closure "X" on the bottom, but I'll check again.

    I'm wondering if the app was screwed up due to being overloaded by too many inputs b/c it might have been running extremely slow due to overheating?
    05-09-2018 09:30 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I don't think it had to do with too many inputs. It's certainly possible that there might have been some glitch in Maps. I'm not sure, but I may have encountered something similar when using nav while walking around in Japan recently (but I wasn't able to duplicate the problem afterwards).
    05-10-2018 10:03 AM
  5. Mugsy323's Avatar
    I don't think it had to do with too many inputs.
    Naturally, the problem seems to have resolved itself (after cooling down?)

    After several days, I was able to get back to checking Dad's phone and was able to properly exit/restart Google Maps. I think "overheating" was indeed the problem.

    To help curb overheating, I noticed he had screen brightness set to 100%. I reduced it to 50% with "auto" brightness enabled and that seems to prevent the phone from getting too hot too fast or draining the battery so quickly.

    Now cooled off, the apps appear to be responding normally once again. Thx.
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    05-12-2018 04:02 PM

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