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    So, like many, I have legacy books that are not Kindle books in various formats Kindle reads, like prc or the closely related Mobi.

    There's never been a problem accessing them (non-drm) on my phone and using the Kindle app as the key ebook reader for all my books, not just Amazon's.

    I get a new phone. I copy my legacy books over to the /Kindle directory I'd used. Usually, you have to force stop/clear cache to get Kindle to do a rescan. All is well. Now, I find periodically that the contents of that directory are periodically wiped out. Why? Can't say.

    I got tired of that happening, so I recopied the books from my desktop to my phone, this time to a /Books directory, which typically Kindle recognizes--and did.

    Now, however, I have the books directory.
    Kindles creates a new /Kindle directory and seems to copy everything in /Books to the /Kindle directory.

    For good measure, this is also a /kindle directory (small 'k') where everything is duplicated as well. I deleted that and found the /Kindle directory (capital "K") was also empty again. So they are linked somehow--at least those two, maybe all three.

    So, I have three sets of legacy books in dupe now. Who know how many will be wiped out. When I browse Amazon Kindle, I don't see duplicate entries--so maybe these are sort of fictitious dupes? But then, not according to ES Explorer.

    II've used Kindle as the prime ebook reader for a long while now, ditching Cool Reader. It's never done anything like this before. Any ideas?

    P.s. It is no small matter. I have a LOT of legacy books. Solving the problem could free 1.5 gb of space.
    05-18-2018 10:27 AM

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