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    Hi guys

    I hope that one of you had this issue before and might be able to help me out.

    To summarise: I am side loading a custom apk onto a Galaxy Tab E which works completely fine until the tablet is rebooted. After every reboot the app simply uninstalls itself - at least partly.
    This means, after installing the app again, all the settings and configuration that has been done from within the app previously is still there.

    The app is called "mailchimp subscribe". It's old and has last been updated over 2 years ago but does exactly what I need it to do. Installing it from the GooglePlay store works completely fine of course and does not suffer this "uninstall" problem.

    The problem I am having with it is that nearly the entire app is in English even though I selected German as the default language. Parts of the App actually appear in German but it seems to me that the guys at mailchimp just gave up on translating it quite quickly.

    Since this app is so perfect for my use case however and no third party app really comes close to this, I thought I'm gonna be smart, extract the apk with apktool (https://ibotpeaches.github.io/Apktool/) translate the app into German myself and then simply reassemble and install it.

    Surprisingly this all worked on the first try. I now have a re-assembled apk with the exact same mailchimp-subsribe app but completely in German and it is working absolutely perfectly!

    I just have this anoying problem now that I mentioned in the beginning which is that the app keeps uninstalling itself - or at least disappears in a strange way after every reboot.

    Googling this problem leads to hundreds of threats with people having problems that their SD card doesn't get mounted fast enough or similar things, but my tablet doesn't even have an SD card installed. It's internal storage only!
    This app will be the only one running on it (including one other one locking it into Kiosk mode) but the internal storage is more than enough for my purposes.

    It would be really great if somebody could point me in the right direction or maybe come up with a solution that doesn't require me to extract and rebuild the original apk.

    What I did yesterday is root the tablet because I thought if I install it straight from the play store (which does work without any hiccups) I can then maybe access the system files of the app and simply replace the string.xml (the language file) with my self made German version - but unfortunately the folder that file is stored in doesn't show up.....so I'm kind of out of ideas right now :-/
    05-25-2018 05:10 AM

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