1. seegod1's Avatar
    It used to be turned off for my work account - all I would see is how many unread *home* emails I have on my email icon (I have home and work accounts set up), but now it's started adding how many unread work ones as well. I have no need of that, and have turned off notifications for the account, but the count number is still added to my email count on the icon. It's annoying. When I'm not at work, I don't want to hear about how many emails will be there when I get back, ya know (and don't get me wrong... I speak as one who LOVES her work!)

    This is not the GMail app, but the android app that shows up when you buy your phone (I have an LG Stylo)

    Anyone? Thanks in advance :-)
    07-11-2018 06:59 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    About all I can think of is to install another email app and set up the work account on it. then delete the work account on the LG email app. (And don't put an icon for the new app on the homescreen if you don't want it there - but at least you should be able to turn off the count on the whole app.)
    07-11-2018 02:50 PM
  3. seegod1's Avatar
    Okay thanks for that... that's certainly one option if all else fails.
    07-13-2018 06:56 AM

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