1. arjen82's Avatar
    I use an MS Exchange account for business and Gmail for my personal life. I would like to use the same contacts and calendar in both worlds (my colleagues can check my availability in my Exchange calendar and my girlfriend has access to my Google Calendar).
    In my Android phone I can sync both accounts, but I would also love the ability to sync between the accounts (if I edit a contact in my exchange account the change should also be synced to my Gmail account).
    For my calendar I would also like to have the ability to invert the 'private' switch (when an appointment is set to private in my Exchange account it should be public in my Gmail account, and when an appointment is private in my Google Calendar it should be public in my Exchange account).

    I know I could use Google Calendar Sync for my calendar. But I don't use the desktop version Outlook a lot (as I work on computers provided by my clients most of the time), I use Office Outlook Web Access most of the time.

    Any idea's if this is possible with an app (so far I havn't found one)? Or if it is even possible with the current Andoid permissions?
    06-06-2011 08:24 AM