1. Mr Mayor's Avatar
    Just got done browsing the market for an eBay app.. ALL I want to do is search/browse for a car (for now).

    EVERY single one of these apps I saw needs to read my contacts and my phone calls etc? What? I must note I'm finding WAY too many apps requiring WAY too much of my personal info lately, more than ever. Apps that have ZERO business knowing ANY of that type of info.... (I digress)

    Can anyone recommend anything to use, or am I being paranoid....Or, should I skip the app and just browse from Dolphin and be done with this dilemma?

    06-07-2011 09:39 AM
  2. bigk's Avatar
    Well, you could get browse to the ebay web site if your paranoid. Most apps, specially games have to read to phone state. Simply because it needs to pause the game (or exit out of the app in this case) for you to take the call. But it depends on the app, if your using a SMS app of course it needs your information. Take it a app at a time, there's a alot of apps that have odd permissions that I just don't want to install. I'm pretty careful with what I install in terms of apps.

    Ebay a pretty well known and very large company. Most often then not the app is ok from the big guys, such as netflix, ebay, gamefly, walmart, etc. Just make sure you get the official ebay app and not a 3rd party one.
    06-07-2011 02:15 PM