1. Bogby's Avatar
    Recently I have found that my Samsung 9+ is constantly popping up the "complete action using" box. I have been unable to work out why it does this. I could be browsing a web page, playing a game in fullscreen mode, reading an email and then the box pops up. In fact, it popped up as I was typing this.

    When it pops up, it gives me the options of: Spotify, Samsung Music, YouTube, Apple music, BBC iplayer, play books, play music, Tunein Radio.

    I have tried selecting the option for spotify as "Always" however I found that this resulted in my phone constantly swapping to spotify but not appearing to do anything on spotify.

    Since then, I have reset my actions for all apps and this has not helped.

    If anyone out there can offer some advice on how to deal with this or is having the same problem, I'd really appreciate any input you might have.

    Thank you.
    10-16-2018 02:04 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    It looks as if something is trying to play a music file, and you had no default player set. When you set Spotify as the default ("Always" sets an app as the default for that action), it opened Spotify without asking.

    Now find out what's running that's trying to play music. Kill that (or uninstall it if it's something you don't want - remember to force stop it first, then clear the cache and data, then uninstall) and the whole mess will stop.
    10-16-2018 04:11 PM

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