05-09-2010 01:53 PM
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  1. Roy Aguilera's Avatar
    I emailed you a zip file.
    -Place it on your sd cards root
    -Reboot into Recovery (using Droid Manager)
    -When you boot into recovery select install zip from SD
    -Find the zip file
    -Select it
    You will now have the modded launcher installed. Even the trash can is modded.
    04-08-2010 03:39 PM
  2. Brett's Avatar
    oh ok. im sorry about bugging you about this so much. im happy to finally try it though. thanks again, i really do appreciate the help
    04-08-2010 04:37 PM
  3. Brett's Avatar
    Here another similiar variant of the hexic launcher I came across on xda. Its a cyanogin themed one.
    Cyanogen themed launcher2 - xda-developers
    04-08-2010 05:40 PM
  4. WAM's Avatar
    tried, won't work "did not install"
    04-08-2010 07:11 PM
  5. Brett's Avatar
    Which way did you try to install it? I know on that link there are 2 ways of doing it
    04-08-2010 08:36 PM
  6. WAM's Avatar
    i attempted to use astro and the market apps they provided, didn't do any pushing. renamed it too (on stock 2.1)
    did some reading this must be a root thing???
    04-08-2010 08:57 PM
  7. stefanl's Avatar
    is there any way to return to the 4 row launcher on .7 rather than the 5 rows...it just looks too crowded for my taste
    04-09-2010 11:45 PM
  8. jjenson's Avatar
    Sweet works great thanks.
    04-10-2010 02:49 AM
  9. alphabets's Avatar
    maybe a stupid question, but does it matter if i already have helix launcher installed? do i need to uninstall it first then dl hl2? thanks.
    04-10-2010 09:31 AM
  10. Roy Aguilera's Avatar
    If you have helix launcher, there is no need to uninstall in order to add helix launcher 2.
    04-10-2010 09:51 AM
  11. Roy Aguilera's Avatar
    The launcher on cm .7 is no longer helix launcher. There will be an option to make it 4 rows but that will be in a future version.
    04-10-2010 09:54 AM
  12. anon(3850)'s Avatar
    I downloaded HL2 from the link and must say I love it. I will admit I am having trouble following the posts about updates/"cm.7 versions?/etc.
    Basically I wanted to know is there a paid version I can get for more features and/or a way to donate to the continued development. Also since I downloaded it and had to install from SD card does that mean I cant get updates for it through the market place?
    Any info would be most helpful. Very much want to see more/better features come to the HL2
    If needed I am running MotoDroid 2.1
    04-10-2010 01:30 PM
  13. area52's Avatar
    you wont get updates through the market place as the market doesn't know its running on the phone....plus its not available in the market yet cause its in beta.
    anyway thanks for providing us with the link. I'm pretty new to android (a little over a month) I'm annoyed with myself for un-rooting and installing the official 2.1. I don't trust myself to down grade and not screw up my phone, so this launcher is a great way to get a stock 2.1 "kinda" like a custom rom. Or at least something fun to play with until 2.1 is rooted or I gain some confidence and go back to 2.0.1 and root.
    04-10-2010 03:56 PM
  14. anon(3850)'s Avatar
    So at some point it should be released on market?

    Also side question: I did a reset of phone and used mybackup to restore the programs. Will those not show updates as well? If not how do I correct that? Just find the program on market and install over?

    Thanks for help.
    04-10-2010 10:42 PM
  15. area52's Avatar
    I've read that the market does not keep your free apps after a reset. (the paid ones are still there) however, after a factory reset I went back into the market and all of my downloaded apps were there so I just re-installed them. One catch though, they were only there on the first time I launched the market after the reset. I forgot to download 1 app, after I closed the market, realized I forgot that one, I went back into my downloads and it was not there. I use astro to back up all my apps and it was useful. Once I re-downloaded everything from the market I found all my information was gone. (ex: progress on robo defense, feedr subscriptions) so I installed the backup over the existing app and im good to go. But to answer your question, no...if you just install the backup file and that app is NOT showing in your downloads section of the market then you will not get upgrade notifications

    hope that answers your questions
    04-10-2010 11:58 PM
  16. 3083joe's Avatar
    Not a install file
    04-17-2010 08:24 PM
  17. terpitude71's Avatar
    i have been having serious speed issues with helix lately, sometimes taking 10-15 seconds to load home screen after quitting out of an app. cleaned out caches, etc, and not much improvement. ive switched back to clockwork for now.
    04-17-2010 09:40 PM
  18. anon(3850)'s Avatar
    I am having issues lately as well. I really don't want to remove it but it is getting pretty annoying.
    04-18-2010 01:30 AM
  19. pops.comp's Avatar
    I had to go back to HL1 becuz of the lag and fc's
    04-18-2010 07:04 PM
  20. WarER4X's Avatar
    Hope this isn't a repeat, but I just stumbled on the fact that HelixLauncher 2 has just been updated to Beta 0.7 in the Marketplace. This version is now compatible with stock Droid 2.1 update_1 and it works great! In fact, it seems to run even faster than HelixLauncher 1 was running, even with all 7 screens on compared to the 5 I was using in HelixLauncher 1.

    Funny thing is that I had just downloaded 0.7 from the dev's website earlier today. I was trying to find out if there was a way to move the app drawer icon to the middle (it was on the right) and then found out it was just released to the Marketplace. So, I reinstalled it from the Marketplace and now the app drawer icon is in the middle.

    Great app!!!

    04-19-2010 06:05 PM
  21. necronomicon's Avatar
    +1 to that downloaded it two days ago and its great because I came from the Eris and was missing the seven screens. Still haven't gone through all the settings yet but will post .
    04-19-2010 06:22 PM
  22. WAM's Avatar
    pretty awesome!
    04-19-2010 06:47 PM
  23. mcgeorge36's Avatar
    I had used HelixLauncher before, and didn't really like it. I stumbled onto HelixLauncher2 today in the marketplace, as I was thinking about downloading the original again, and fell in love with this version!
    04-19-2010 06:52 PM
  24. GenericMessage's Avatar
    It is MUCH smoother than the original helix
    04-19-2010 07:33 PM
  25. MowDownJoe's Avatar
    It does feel faster than HelixLauncher 1, although it'll cut off the far edges of your wallpaper if you shrink the number of home screens and then shift the default screen. (I don't need 7 home screens! 5, maybe...) Real annoying, and it makes my Logcat Live Wallpaper unusable.
    But it is faster! Though, to me, it seems to strangely slow down if you throw more than 3 widgets on one screen.
    04-19-2010 07:47 PM
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