1. DaSlug's Avatar
    I have an Alcatel OT-981 that has the Accuweather app pre-loaded. I have had the phone for a few months and have used the weather app before without any problems. Recently I noticed that when I check my list of running apps the Accuweather widget is running. If I stop it manually it starts back up on it's own after a few minutes. It used to be a useful app, but now I don't want it running my battery down when I don't need it. I guess since it was pre-installed it does not give me the option of removing it and even using taskmanager it gives me the option of turning it off, but it just shows back up. What's going on? Does anyone else have this problem?
    06-08-2011 12:43 PM
  2. DenverRalphy's Avatar
    Just sitting in memory won't drain the battery. If it's actually doing anything like updates then it will. If you don't use the widget at all anymore, just set the updates to manual/never (I'm not familiar with that specific weather app, but they're all the same).

    If you wish to get rid of it entirely, then you'll probably need to be rooted, and use Bloat Freezer.
    06-08-2011 03:17 PM