1. tommyallen789's Avatar
    I'd like to precisely replace the audio of a dance routine video with the song's mp3, instead of the live audio (which of course sounds terrible). Do you know one? None of the many apps I've tried/seen have precise controls.

    I find it absolutely crazy that all of the video/audio apps out there only have trim functions with the precision of a 1-year old (I've tried about 12 apps now.. and looked at screenshots of dozens of others). None have a precise slider, nor display milliseconds so you can actually sync the audio with any type of precision. They all seem to figure that syncing within about a 0.5-1sec is decent enough. Even Adobe Clip, FilmoraGo do not seem to have precision controls.

    I found one app with a decent slider, and it displays the +/- milliseconds when you shift the track. But it doesn't actually play the audio track during playback!! A weird bug perhaps. (This is the app "Funny Dubbing - Film Lip Sync & Dub Music Player" by LittleAnts Apps). It has the exact functions I would want.

    Does anyone have an app that can precisely sync an audio track to a video, then export?? I can't believe I've wasted several hours on this simple task, it's 2018!
    11-21-2018 07:55 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    The audio and video travel over different paths in the phone (or PC), so syncing precisely to the microsecond in your phone may make it off a few ms in someone else's phone. For precise sync you need analog, with the faster path slowed by a delay line (the way the old analog TVs did it). Turning a phone into a video production machine like that would probably double the cost of flagship phones. But you can probably find a few programs that can do it on a Windows or Mac PC. (The problem is that it's probably going to be out of sync again when you copy it to a phone.)
    11-23-2018 06:17 PM
  3. tommyallen789's Avatar
    Interesting, good to know. That would maybe be why even the live recorded audio seems a bit out of sync (whether it was the playback or the recording).

    Now, my request for precision isn't to the 1ms though. A slider even to the 0.1 second or 0.2 second could be adequate. But most of the apps only to go to the 1sec or maaaybe 0.5sec precision, which seems inadequate, even if different phones will play it back a little different.
    11-29-2018 07:29 PM

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