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    I am interest in the concept of life logging but most devices are cheap or dont mesh well with daily life. I would love an app that was on, preferable Samsung, wearable that has a hot mic. My daughter said "hi, daddy" for the first time today. I have it in my memory but having those candid impromptu moments stashed away would be wonderful. I am a photographer/videographer and I can think of unlimited uses for moments captured like that.

    Is there an app that runs constantly in the background that records voice? Does it have loop recording? Emphasis on background, no one wants to see a big red dot that flashes "recording." Csnthose moments be easily accessed and saved to a cloud drive. Could it operate independently of a paired phone if the watch was LTE capable? I would pay good money to have something like this.

    Standalone recorders sure clunky. Phone apps dont work because phones are often in pockets. The wearable would be perfect for daily use.
    12-29-2018 10:45 AM

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