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    I am wondering if there is a scripting tool, or a macro tool for android?

    I have a process I do on my phone and tablet 2-3 times a day, every day, and I want to automate it.

    Here is the process, I need some help scripting, or recording a macro.....

    I used to use aldiko reader, but when I bought my Acer tablet, I found out aldiko has some issues with Honeycomb. Also, the placeholder for read position is not clearly defined..not sure what files needed to be copied, so i switched to Kindle. WIth Kindle, the last read position is contained in the *.mbp file where * isthe same as the PRC file name. Now, 90% of my books are DRM free, and epub, but conversion to PRC via calibre solved that problem. What I am left with is the mpb files need to be synced between the devices. Now, Kindle does this automatically for Amazon purchases, but side loaded books are not!!!

    Every time I want to switch between my phone and tablet for reading I have to upload the mbp files from the kindle folder on the card to dropbox, then on the other device pull down the mbp file and transfer to the kindle folder.

    Here is the psuedo code if this was a batch file etc....

    send mount\sd\kindle\*.mbp to dropbox account (currently just dropping in root of dropbox, but if scripted would use a folder)

    download *,mbp from dropbox
    move mount\sd\dropbox\*.mbp to mount\sd\kindle

    This is very simple, but I need a macro capture or a scripting tool that would allow me to do this.

    what would be ideal is a single app that when launched would allow me to choose to upload or download so i would be 2 presses away from sync!!!
    being able to choose all or individual mbp files would be a nice "extra" but since I generally read 1 book at a time just syncing all mbp files would be fine (i keep the kindle folder fairly clean..usually about 20-30 books waiting to be read, but only 1-3 mbp at any given time)

    Any and all help is appreciated!!!
    (if there is a developer out there who thinks this might be easy, let me know...I am not averse to paying for this, but it would have to be a reasonable amount...say $5 or so)
    06-14-2011 06:51 AM