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    An acquaintance sent me a message yesterday that I thought was a bit out of place. I gave a curt response and eversince then I realize he has been appearing "permanently online" (prior to this, he had his last seen turned off). I didn't think much of it yesterday but I'm wondering now whether I was blocked but due to a glitch, their last seen status is stuck at "online."
    This morning I sent him a link to an article, it went through and showed both grey ticks (his ticks were never set to appear blue as I believe he turned his read receipts off a long time ago).
    But mainly, I am just curious as to whether being blocked was a possibility. Normally this contact is quite active on whatsapp, i.e, posting statuses and responds fairly quickly, but between yesterday and today he has been mia. I also thought perhaps if I were blocked, these "glitches" may have occurred because his number was in my phone twice, under different names.
    Is there a possibility I was blocked or should I assume something has happened to his phone?
    01-19-2019 10:29 AM