1. KattP's Avatar
    I have a Galaxy J3 Luna Pro, Model #SM-S327VL, OS 6.0.1, with 16GB's of internal storage (have used 15 of those), & a 16GB-SD card installed (with 14 GB's left)
    1.) I cleared the cached data in main Settings/Applications/Enabled apps, (specifically the Galaxy Apps app & all the Samsung apps, ex: Samsung Plus & Push Svcs,) and turned off Notifications & all Permissions, (I never use these. I tried to disable them, but nothing happens when I press that key.) Upon reviewing my clean-up of the above, (i.e. I back-arrowed out the app settings then re-selected the app), to find everything was back on! The "cached & app data" were reset exactly back to the number of MB's & KB's I just removed; the "camera, contacts & storage" permissions were back "on", as well as "notifications/on" again!
    2.) Incidentally, when clearing "cached data" in Settings/Device Maintenance/Internal Storage, specifically, the "cached app" & "other"data sections, ALWAYS have a residual of MBs that wont clear, after several attemps. Why is this happening?My phone works fine otherwise! My email is kat.bear2224@gmail.com. Thanks very much for your help! Kat
    02-07-2019 12:31 AM
  2. methodman89's Avatar
    1st, edit out your email address. Then, turn off all synching and sign out of all Google accounts(you may want to do this after you delete everything) . Then delete everything you want, including saved backups on the phone . Then clear the cache partition and reboot. Good luck
    02-07-2019 10:33 AM

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