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    My car is a 2007 Lexus LS460L been driving it for years now and is still in awesome shape.

    The problem, It has Bluetooth but, only the phone profile. So, it's not designed to do texting.

    So, the wife texts and I cant reply unless I call "hey google" and say "read last text" but, it does not go over Bluetooth and works 50% of the time if I am lucky.

    There was one app I used a while ago, it would pop up via the phone Bluetooth like I was getting a phone call, it would tell me " you have a new text from XX, do you want me to read it ?" and it would prompt me to reply, cancel etc and it would let me reply and send a text.

    This app is gone, I cant find it in the store and was removed from my phone. Anyway when I got my current Note 8 it stopped working anyway, well was very spotty.

    IS there a good replacement app that would do this, so it's all over Bluetooth and will READ and let me reply over my car's audio system like it's a phone call ?

    Really would not like any frills, no extra features, just want full voice texting that goes over Bluetooth and nothing really else.

    Don't mind paying for an app, IF it really works for my needs..
    03-05-2019 12:50 PM
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    The old app that I used was called SMS Driving Assistant … would love to try to find it to see if I could get it working again...

    Here is a website with information on it...

    SMS Driving Assistant website - free download .apk for android
    03-05-2019 08:09 PM

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