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    I tried to install it for the google play store I wait until the loading or the downloading hits 100% and then a message pops out and says "impossible to install" with NO code error, I'm confused I've already tried to clear the cach and clear the data ... I looked everywhere for solutions...i also tried to install it as an apk (from the app aptoid) and it kinda does the same thing, it hits 100% and then I tap on it to install it and then I tap on install and it says "impossible to install" I don't know why it does that and why it doesn't even show me a code error.
    The downloading works but the installation doesn't? Maybe
    I use an LG G5 as a phone.
    03-23-2019 09:17 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! That's an odd error message. Did you clear cache/data from Download Manager as well as the Play Store?
    03-23-2019 12:07 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    First, look in the app drawer to see if it's already installed. If it is, you can't install it again. (If there's an update, Play will show an Update button, and you can update it.) If it's not installed, and won't install, contact Facebook at android-support@fb.com. (If it's in the app drawer and you want a shortcut on your home screen, long-press it in the app drawer, then move it a little and you'll see home pages - move it there and let go and you'll have a shortcut.)
    03-23-2019 12:16 PM

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