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    I have been using K@mail Pro the past few years but received an email from Google that some features will not be supported for Gmail starting March 31st.

    K@mail Pro has not been updated in the years so I am not hopefull.

    I am looking for a replacement email app.

    It needs to support Oauth2 so I can use it for Gmail without using the less secure access with a secondary password.

    I have some email accounts that other members of my family access and vice versa so I need to have some accounts automatically Mark emails read when opened and other accounts leave emailed marked unread when opened so that others who are the main users of the account see what they have not read event after I have accessed them.

    I do not want to use apps that store some data in the cloud. This rules out apps like bluemail and typeapp.

    I prefer having the app open to the list of accounts rather than a unified in box.

    I would like gpg support but that is not strictly necessary.

    K@mail met all these requirements.

    I have tried
    Aquamail Pro

    I currently use Outlook for work email and I do not want to mix work and personal email so that is another reason not to use it.

    I see some info on GitHub about using Oauth2 in K9 mail but it does not seem to be in the Google app store version.

    Any suggestions?

    In the mean time I will try the Gmail, Samsung, and Yahoo mail apps.

    03-23-2019 10:12 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    POP3 keeps emails on the server, so a read email is read, but a deleted one is deleted - for all users.

    IMAP keeps the emails on the phone, so reading or deleting them does it just on the phone, but not for others.

    You can have different accounts set differently in GMail (go to GMail, the meatball (or gear) icon (upper right), Settings, the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab to set each account the way you want it). But it can't be set on an email by email basis, only an account by account basis. (Click the avatar at the upper right to switch accounts.)
    03-24-2019 02:16 PM

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