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    The world’s most Advanced Sleep Technology - pzizz - launches on the Google Android platform.

    The pzizz Android application comes with everything the users need for a better life. Pzizz for Android enables the user to:
    * Get to sleep quicker and to achieve a deeper state of sleep.
    * Relax more.
    * Boost daytime energy.
    * Reduce Stress.

    * Contains 2 modules:
    - pzizz Sleep: The perfect tool to solve sleep problems and cure insomnia. Designed to deliver unique tracks over a period of 15 mins-10 hours.
    - pzizz PowerNap: Boosts energy and reduces stress taking just 10 - 90 minutes out of your day
    * Fully time adjustable
    * Turn the voice on or off
    * Structured random algorithm creates a different soundtrack EVERY TIME you use it (over 100 billion combinations)

    Download pzizz for Android here

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    06-21-2011 11:04 AM