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    Easily learn everyday English sentences with practical English.

    With Practical English application, you can learn basic English phrases and improve your daily English.
    You can use the application without the need for internet.
    Daily basic words in the application, sentence patterns, useful English patterns you will need to speak, are spoken in English and Turkish.

    (IMPORTANT) You'll need to turn on your device's Text to Speech for word and sentence pronunciations.
    Info button for button functions is available.
    English and Turkish voice pronunciation are available.
    You can listen to the pronunciation speed slowly, normally and quickly.
    A random English word or sentence button is available.
    The word list is initially available with the receive button.
    Practical English app has a night vision mode.
    The sections of the daily English and new words will be added periodically.
    In order to obtain efficient results, you must use the application again.
    In time, you will see fluency and progress in your English.

    Application Sections:

    Selamlaşma (Greetings)
    Sayılar (Numbers)
    Aile (Family)
    Saat ve Tarih (Time and Date)
    Hotel (Hotel)
    Ulaşım (Transportation)
    Flört (Dating)
    Alışveriş (Shopping)
    Dışarda Yemek (Eating Out)
    Sağlık (Health)
    Postane (Post Office)
    Banka ve Para (Bank and Money)
    Genel Konuşma 1-2 (General Conversation 1-2)
    Deyimler (Idioms)


    Improve yourself with our Practical English app. Learn English quickly.
    Practical English application is a foreign language education application that enables your daily English level to become more practical, fluent and lasting.
    Please do not forget to write your comments. Your feedback will be used for future updates.

    Thanks for support

    PLAY STORE LINK: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...ce&hl=en&gl=dz

    [APP][FREE] [4.0.3+] Pratik İngilizce (Practical English)-g-nl-k-ngilizce.png
    [APP][FREE] [4.0.3+] Pratik İngilizce (Practical English)-practical-english.png
    [APP][FREE] [4.0.3+] Pratik İngilizce (Practical English)-pratik-ingilizce.png
    [APP][FREE] [4.0.3+] Pratik İngilizce (Practical English)-pratik-ingilizce.png
    05-25-2019 07:25 PM

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