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    We just released a free messaging app I have been working on lately. It's like the default messaging but with a twist: It can automatically add location to your message.

    The application works well also without GPS, and the messages can be received with any phone, even an old dumbphone!

    The secret sauce that powers Gecko SMS is landmarks; well known places and natural elements of way finding that everybody instantly understands. These provide a simple way for sending your location through standard text.

    We have tons of further development ideas ourselves, but I would love to get some feedback from real users to figure out what to do next! You can comment / PM me here, or shoot email to geckosms@geckolandmarks.com.

    This hopefully shows the idea:

    QR code:


    Message composing view, with the places showing.

    Selecting a landmark in full screen.

    Adding an own landmark:

    Inbox view:

    Landmark menu:
    06-23-2011 02:52 AM