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    Quantum Flare helps you take back control of your Android devices.

    Easily monitor data usage, internet connections and WiFi usage in Real Time. View and control which apps are slowing down your device, or wasting your mobile data. Install now, and see what your device is really doing. Quantum Flare is also a no-root app.

    Live View Of Blocked Connections

    Live View Of Trackers

    Some Key Features

    - Firewall: Use the automatic setup to block and disallow all known unnecessary apps & connections

    - Control every app and background app by using the built-in VPN to block/allow access to Wi-Fi & mobile data

    - Save upto 50% of your mobile data!

    - See a Live View of the current connections to your device, and block any apps/trackers automatically (or manually via Sentinel)

    - Get notified instantly when an app tries to connect to the internet, and block it before any data is used

    - Get notified when any app attempts to use/modify another app, and block the action instantly

    - Get daily automatic updates to the malware definitions and malicious trackers/sites

    - Speed up your device by switching off battery & data draining useless background apps

    - Globally block apps or opt to block by location (country)

    You can read more about Quantum Flare here: https://cybxsecurity.com/quantum-flare

    Or download free from Google Play Store here: Quantum Flare

    I am the Director of Marketing for CybX Security LLC. More than that, I'm an Android evangelist, and a security conscious father. My kids all use Android devices, and I believe it is important to educate parents & children about not only the dangers of the internet, but the dangers of installing apps from untrustworthy sources.

    CybX is a multi-national cyber security, specialising in Quantum Safe solutions. We work with local governments, the military, and companies of all sizes. However, CybX also develops affordable products & services in the retail sector, because we believe it shouldn't just be enterprises and Fortune 500 companies who should have access to competent device security.

    I am based in the UK, and will reply to all questions & feedback as and when I'm online
    Updates will be posted as they are completed on the Play Store.

    I look forward to your feedback, and thank you for having me!

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    06-20-2019 11:54 AM
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    Updated V1.0.6.3
    - Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

    Installation Video Added

    Basic Setup Video Added
    07-24-2019 05:32 AM

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