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    It's known to all that, nowadays, we could put two SIM card in one smartphone, which allows us easily switching the phone numbers. However, it's not that easy to switch the OS in the phone since one smartphone could have only one system.

    So is it necessary to have two OS on our smartphone? To me, the answer would certainly be yes.

    I'm a game player for nearly 20 years. I played thousands of games on all platforms such as FC, GameBoy, PC, PS, Xbox, etc. Since now, many games have already developed their mobile versions, while it's also quite convenient to play games on the smartphone, so now, I mainly play mobile games during my spare time.

    But during playing them, I met several issues. Some of the games need to run under a rooted system while I don't want to root my phone; some of them are EDU games that I'd like to run two accounts at the same time, but it's only possible to install one particular app.

    What should I do? An idea came up, to download an app that allows me to run a virtual system on my phone would probably get the issues all set! So I started searching such apps and finally, stop on one of them called VMOS.

    I found the app on Google Play, and downloaded it for just having a try (like all other apps I've been deleted). Some of the apps could only allow creating two accounts or download two same apps on your phone, while sometimes, since Android always killing the programs running on backstage automatically, I wasn't able to play two games at the same time.

    However, VMOS sorted it out with a perfect solution. It could create a floating window on the phone, and I'm able to check what runs in the virtual system real-timely. In addition, when I'd like to search some information about that game, or I'd like to watch videos when playing the game, they're all very convenient.

    Now I'm just using it for playing games, without any trouble. If you are also interested in using a virtual Android system on your phone, just try it.
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    08-26-2019 10:23 PM
  2. aspergerian's Avatar
    I have VMOS on a Moto G5 64 gb. I can't find a helpful tutorial. How do i load and use an app when VMOS is running in the background?
    09-11-2019 05:56 AM
  3. aspergerian78's Avatar
    VMOS doesn't seem to run properly on my Moto G5S plus.
    09-17-2019 05:15 PM

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