1. DIncredibleHulk's Avatar
    so i rooted my HTC Dinc. flashed it to the cyanogenmod 7.0.0 ROM and the 6.1 as well. i noticed that the Market app on my phone is no longer available. The little birthday bag or whatever it is supposed to be isnt there. how exactly am i supposed to get apps on my phone? or is there a way to manually install the market?

    ive been searching for five hours now, and just got confused from everything i have read lol... im still overwhelmed that i rooted my phone to begin with.

    sorry if i posted in the wrong section. still a little new to this site/forum and the modding of android phones so i really dont know what to say/do/expect just yet so thanks for your patience
    06-26-2011 04:19 AM
  2. Aaron C#AC's Avatar
    You need to download the gapps package (a zip)
    And appply via recovery like a rom (if using clockwork do a load zip from sd card and select the gapps zip)
    Not sure exactly where the gapps download is on the site, but a google search for "gingerbread gapps" should turn it up.
    I would find the limk but I'm on vacation and am usimg a tab to post this.....sorry.
    Good luck, and you will be happy, just give it a shot.
    Ok that was easier than I thought.....
    [NIGHTLY] [CM7] Discussion of Nightlies - CyanogenMod Forum
    Is the link to the gapps download discussion.
    06-26-2011 06:40 AM