1. wmurphy1975's Avatar
    I was wondering what mobile video chat app people are using that works across Android, iOS, and even Mac/PC? I've had great experience using Tango between my Android and my wife's iPhone 4. You can read about a recent experience here.

    But have you found something that also works with Mac/PC? I know that Skype mobile works between Mac/PC and iPhone but not Android yet. Are there any other apps you've used that does this?
    06-26-2011 02:50 PM
  2. ufergus's Avatar
    I have been using yahoo messenger to chat with a windows PC from my EVO. Works pretty good for android to android too. Can't comment on other platforms... in other news what is taking Google so long to push their gtalk with video to other 2.3 phones? Come on Google!

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    06-26-2011 07:18 PM
  3. baseballfanz's Avatar
    Yahoo messenger work great. have chatted between Android phone, tablet to iOS and PC
    06-27-2011 06:00 PM
  4. ANDROID__JUNKIE's Avatar
    If Microsoft doesn't push to get Skype on all platforms including Android 2.2 than they are idiots! Google is dragging its feet and that is also frustrating as nobody wants to use Qik...
    06-28-2011 07:11 AM
  5. Bujin#IM's Avatar
    Wifey and Son 1 both have EVO's. Son 2 will be getting an EVO 3D soon. So Qik works for those rare occasions when we video chat. Google Talk is pretty sweet from my Nexus S 4G to computer.
    06-28-2011 09:24 AM
  6. ufergus's Avatar
    Its hard to understand why Google is dragging their feet. The software is ready and there were no API changes between 2.3.3 and 2.3.4. It should just work for the rest of us with Gingerbread. They even posted on their blog about how they will be rolling it out to 2.3+ devices, no specific restriction to 2.3.4.
    06-28-2011 10:48 AM