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    ShopBerry is a colorful and smart shopping list app for android. It is a fine grocery list app for managing your shopping lists and keeping them shared between all the android devices of your family.

    Key Features:

    * Real-time shopping lists sharing between all family members via SMS or Bluetooth.

    * Bright products catalog of over 500+ built-in records with pictures. No need to spend valuable time for entering manually every product – just select from the predefined products and form a grocery list in seconds.

    * Barcode scanner support for adding products.

    * Make your products recognizable: attach a custom picture to a product.

    * Send a shopping list via email, SMS or any app which supports text messaging.

    * Dashboard with shopping lists notes for easy list access

    * ABC navigator for shopping list items and product catalog

    * List Expiration Notification

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    06-27-2011 03:35 AM