1. Rich Rasp's Avatar
    Anyone having this issue? I logged out and then logged back in later in the day and I keep getting the following error: an error has occured during the sign in. Please try again later. Even if I try to sync in settings, It has an error message that says: Sync is currently experiecing problems. It will be back shortly. LOL It's been like this since yesterday. I am having the same problem when trying to log in on my Nexus 1... Any ideas guys..?
    04-16-2010 04:44 PM
  2. ericatomars06's Avatar
    Yeah my facebook has been acting up lately.. I've heard through a friend that a major update is just about due for Android. Hopefully thats the case because well lets face it, this one sucks
    04-16-2010 05:01 PM
  3. Cory Streater's Avatar
    No problems for me, which is highly unusual.
    04-16-2010 05:03 PM
  4. Rich Rasp's Avatar
    WOW, just found out my problem. Logged into FB from a PC and my account was hyjacked. Had to reset some stuff and my PW. Now I'm good. I never log into FB from my home PC.. LOL Thanks for the help guys!
    04-17-2010 06:40 AM