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    I do some exercises every day, for instance:

    1 hour fitness training block, split up into
    - 10 min Exercise A
    - 5 min Exercise B
    - 15 min Exercise C
    - 10 min Exercise D
    - 20 min Exercise E

    or guitar playing block:
    - 5 min technique
    - 10 min practice song A
    - 10 min scales

    The exercises are not at a fixed time (they can be at 10:00 in the morning or any other time) but they have a fixed duration.
    At the moment I use a timer and when the time for the exercise has finished then I change the timer's time for the next exercise until the whole exercise block is finished. Then I log the exercise in a simple Excel spreadsheet.

    I am pretty sure that there exist apps (Android, iOS, Web) for this task but I could not find one. In detail I am looking for an app which does this:
    - Define task blocks with sub tasks (as shown above).
    - Start a task block at an arbitrary time. A timer should automatically set its duration to the sub-task duration.

    Has anyone a suggestion for suitable apps/online services?

    12-25-2019 05:37 AM

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