1. andy pandy3's Avatar
    If you have a Mobile Phone and want to install the latest Barclays App being V 2.9, and in Google Play states that your Device is not Compatible.

    Then go to this Site.
    [site name redacted by Mod]
    Myself could not install the latest Barclays App on my Alcatel 1 V, but now as using above has done its job.
    01-02-2020 02:17 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! I would be very very VERY wary of installing a banking app from a non-official app source. There's no way for you to be sure the app hasn't been tampered with -- do you really want to put your own personal finances at risk just for the convenience of having an app on your phone?

    I edited out the name of the site you referenced as a safeguard for other members here.
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    01-02-2020 02:26 PM
  3. me just saying's Avatar
    if your device is not compatible, it is not compatible. if you try to force an install using apk files from some place else, then you could have problems.
    1. not all the features will work
    2. the apk file could have malware
    3. if something happened to your account, the bank WILL refuse to help and and WILL refuse to return any money lost. read their terms of service.
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    01-02-2020 03:08 PM

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