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    [APP] FilterBox - Well-designed&Powerful Notification manager-44u9iyk8l.png
    powerful timeline style notification manager with smooth experience and rich animation

    Download: on Google Play

    - Timeline history
    Keep all notification history and free flow in the form of timeline.

    - Filter
    Custom your own rules to dismiss/mute any notifications with rich conditions.

    - Recover
    Restore the10 recent notification you dismissed or deleted by the rule to the system notification panel.

    - Analytics
    Provide detailed analysis statistics of your notifications.

    - Others
    Supports face/fingerprint lock, dark and light theme, and many other settings.

    Privacy statement:
    This app will NOT send any of your notification details to network. It is using AppCenter's bug analysis and can be disabled in the settings.

    [APP] FilterBox - Well-designed&Powerful Notification manager-6h3foo9al.png [APP] FilterBox - Well-designed&Powerful Notification manager-aipf1oxol.png
    [APP] FilterBox - Well-designed&Powerful Notification manager-e3vmkd2ql.png [APP] FilterBox - Well-designed&Powerful Notification manager-v65u4cs3l.png

    Download: on Google Play
    03-18-2020 03:29 AM

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