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    Just wanted to post here in case anyone else noticed the problem. Google (since the Hangouts redesign a couple months ago) broke the Google voice command to send a Hangouts message for people who originally registered their GMail account with a capital letter.

    Example: SuperTongue@gmail.com

    Check out the thread at:

    So what's this got to do with AA?

    Well since AA uses the same system to send message by voice, any message you send will not go through. The car will say it was sent, but checking the phone confirms that it wasn't.

    When sending via Google Now, you'll see "Account not found" when the message goes to send. We've seen a few updates now that have yet to fix the issue.

    Anyone else experiencing this? If you do, please go to the above thread and vote it up. Google hasn't really paid any attention to it and the last response from an "expert" was made on September 29th. I'm sure this doesn't affect a huge amount of people, but this breaks any voice actions from AA as well as Android Wear if you're trying to send a Hangouts message.

    I personally use Hangouts for around 90% of my actual messages and used it pretty regularly in the car with AA. I can still receive and listen to messages, but replies never go through. Any other thoughts on how to get the Hangouts team to actually look at this problem? It has been months since I originally noticed it and, judging by that thread, there's no fix in sight.
    11-18-2015 10:08 AM

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